Solar Print Kit

SKU: 17080

$14.95 Each


This kit includes
• (3) blank note cards with envelopes
• (2) preprinted stencil sheets
• (2) frames
• (12) 5-inch x 7-inch sheets of solar print paper
• Detailed instructions.

• Make cool designs using a chemical reaction that relies on the power of the sun.
• Solar prints are a fun and scientific art project to do with friends and family.
• Fun to make and easy to use, solar prints make for a great craft at home or school.
• Made using safe and high quality materials, this product is designed to last.
• Recommended for ages 5 and up.

This big kit includes everything needed to make fun and educational solar prints. Place interesting objects on top of a sheet of light-sensitive solar print paper and expose it to the sun. A quick rinse in water makes the image permanent! Safe and easy to use. A fun science or art project. Each kit includes 12 pieces of 5in x 7in solar paper sheets, two print frame holders, three blank note cards with envelopes, for sending your prints to friends and family, and full instructions.

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