Single EZ-Roll 12"/18" Cone Cart

Made in the USA

$279.00 Each


• Holds 24 each 18” cones or 30 each 12” cones
• Two front easy-roll swivel casters
• 8” hard rubber tires
• Lifetime warranty!
• Made in the USA!
• Heavy duty construction
• Made of 1" heavy gauged galvanized steel
• Measures 42” H x 18.5” W x 17” D
• Patented EZ-Roll design (Pat No. D578,724)
• Max cone base size = 11” x 11”.
NOTE: Check the base size of your cones before ordering.

This patented EZ-Roll Cone Cart has two front easy-roll swivel casters making it the perfect transports for moving your heavy 12" and 18" traffic cones around. The front casters allow you to easily turn corners and maneuver without needing to tilt the cart. Its 1 inch heavy gauged galvanized steel constructions means it will stand up to long-term heavy use. Proudly American Made right in our Ann Arbor Michigan factory!

Holds 24 each 18" cones or 30 each 12" cones. Two front easy-roll swivel casters. 8" hard rubber tires. Lifetime warranty! Heavy duty construction. Made of 1" heavy gauged galvanized steel. Measures 42" H x 18.5" W x 17" D. Patented EZ-Roll design (Pat No. D578,724). Max cone base size = 11" x 11".

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