Narrow Mouth Reagent Bottles

5 Sizes
SKU: 16135

Size: 60ml (Pack of 12)
$11.75 Pack


These polypropylene bottles are rigid, translucent and have excellent contact clarity. These bottles can be autoclaved filled as well when they are empty. The polypropylene cap has a built-in seal ring to make these bottles leak proof. Avaialble in 5 sizes.

Size Height Neck Diameter ID/OD Pack Size
60ml 72mm 17mm / 22mm
Pack of 12
125ml 110mm 16.5mm / 20mm
Pack of 12
250ml 139mm 20mm / 25mm
Pack of 12
500ml 165mm 20mm / 25mm
Pack of 12
222mm 20mm / 25mm
Pack of 6

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