16" Hand-Held Flags

5 ColorsMade in the USA

Color: Lime Green
$13.95 Each


When it comes to ensuring the safety of students and pedestrians, every detail matters. That's why our hand-held flags are the perfect tool for crossing guards, traffic controllers, and safety personnel.

Crafted with care, in the USA, each flag features a vibrant 16-inch square nylon design that commands attention and ensures visibility even from a distance. Attached to a sturdy 1-inch diameter PVC handle, these flags are lightweight and easy to grip and maneuver, providing ultimate control in directing traffic flow.

Available in a range of bright colors including red, blue, yellow, orange, and lime green, our flags offer versatility to suit any situation or preference. 

  • Event Management: Perfect for event organizers and staff to manage crowds and direct attendees at school functions, sports events, or assemblies.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Essential for emergency responders and security personnel to signal evacuation routes or designate safe zones during drills or real emergencies.
  • Parking Lots: Useful for parking attendants to guide vehicles efficiently, especially during drop-off and pick-up times at schools.
  • Outdoor Education: Handy for outdoor educators to lead groups during nature walks, field trips, or outdoor learning activities.
  • Campus Tours: Valuable for tour guides to lead prospective students and visitors around campus, highlighting points of interest and important landmarks.
  • Sporting Events: Great for coaches and referees to signal plays, fouls, or timeouts during sporting events or physical education classes.
  • Crowd Control: Essential for security personnel to manage crowds during special events, performances, or assemblies held on school grounds.
  • School Bus Loading Zones: Helpful for bus drivers and staff to ensure orderly loading and unloading of students at designated bus stops or loading zones.

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