Golden Field Guide - Reptiles of North America

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Discover the Red-bellied Turtle, which is nearly extinct. Uncover a Garter Snake in your backyard. Locate an Alligator Lizard--or a Legless one. Identifying reptiles is fascinating and fun with this classic Golden Field Guide. Abundant illustrations and the Key Characteristic system, preferred by professionals, make this single-volume reference an outstanding choice for nature projects, collectors of all ages, and scientific study.

• All of North America in one volume
• 278 species and 500 subspecies in 22 18 exotics
• Illustrations include juveniles and adults, body forms, undersides, scales, and more!
• Text, range maps, and illustrations seen together at a glance
• Common and scientific names
• Convenient measuring rules
• Plus first aid information for snakebites.

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