fischertechnik Designer Software

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The ideal software to plan, develop, and implement fischertechnik models. Easy to navigate, with a huge range of functions available. Perfect for schools, universities, training, or for anyone who needs to visualize technical processes using the fischertechnik system.

  • Contains nearly 1000 components of all types, including pneumatic parts, motors/drives, aluminum bars, and stickers.
  • Model animation in real time, including tracking shots and zoom
  • Allows for components such as elastic pneumatic hose, power supplies, and wiring.
  • Models can be divided into as many construction phases as needed, to create easy-to-understand operating manuals. Construction phases can also be hidden, or individual components can be colored white
  • For large model designs (or slower computers), animation can be designed as an AVI file
  • Supports the free Raytracer , POV-Ray, and Blender, for realistic pictures with shadows, reflections, and radiosity.
  • Export 3D-CAD data: RAW, VRML, POV and X3D. The VRML format allows models to be processed with almost any professional CAD system

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