Concepts of Light Kit (Student version)

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$104.00 Each


Experiments that can be performed include:
• What is light?
• How does light travel?
• How do lenses effect light?
• How do mirrors affect light?
...and more!

Items included in the kit:
•Acrylic Prism Set of 6
• Wooden Storage Box for Prism Set - 1
• Ray Box - 1
• Plane Mirror - 1
• Concave Mirror - 1

This educational kit contains materials and instructions suitable for safe hands-on inquiry-based experimentation into the nature and properties of Light. This kit is primarily aimed at students in Middle School but may be used by Elementary or High School students by slightly altering the instructions. Instructions are also included for Science Fair activities and optional Probeware/Data-Logging activities. Items included in the kit: Acrylic Prism Set of 6: Triangular Prism - 1, Half Round Prism - 1, Double Concave Prism - 2, Double Convex Prism - 1, Rectangular Prism (Brick) - 1
Wooden Storage Box for Prism Set - 1, Ray Box - 1, Plane Mirror - 1, Concave Mirror - 1.

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