All About Climate & Seasons (DVD)

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Winter, spring, summer and fall. We know what happens in our own backyards at these times during the year, but it isn't the same everywhere in the world! When it's warm and sunny where you are, it might be very different in other places of the world. Why do the seasons change? And what causes different regions in the world to have different climates? These and other questions are answered in All About Climate & Seasons, where young students will learn about these yearly changes through engaging examples and explanations. A hands-on investigation shows the effects of direct sunlight on areas of the world, while Dr. Jon Nese, chief meteorologist at The Franklin Institute Science Museum in Philadelphia, demonstrates the concept behind the device known as an orrery. Part of the multivolume Weather for Children DVD Series. A Teacher's Guide is included and available online. 23 minutes. Grades K to 4.

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