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Whistle/Lanyard Combos

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Whistle/Lanyard ComboWhistle/Lanyard Combo
Whistle/Lanyard Combo

Attention crossing guards! Stay prepared and enhance safety on the streets with our Econo Lanyard and Whistle combo. The Econo Lanyard provides a practical way to keep your whistle within easy reach, ensuring you're ready to signal pedestrians and control traffic with efficiency. The Medium-Weight Metal Whistle, easily attaches to the lanyard, delivers a clear, sharp sound to effectively communicate directions and ensure safety. This durable and dependable pair is perfect for school crossings, intersections, and traffic control, offering you an affordable, long-lasting, and essential tool to excel in your role as a crossing guard. Elevate your safety measures with this invaluable package!

• One 1 3/4" long Nickel-plated brass whistle.
• One Economy Lanyard with metal J-hook for quick and easy attachment

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$1.49 Each
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