Flasher Light


$26.95 Each


• Amber bi-directional light
• Meets MUTCD and ITE specifications
• 3-way - flashing, steady burn, off
• Weather resistant circuit chip
• 7" Polycarbonate Lens - extremely durable. UV Stabilized
• Attach to all barricades, drums, panels, etc.
• yellow housing/base uses (2)6-volt batteries (not included)

Our light comes standard with all of the features that you would pay more for on competitive lights. Features such as a photocell which automatically turns the light off when the surrounding light conditions make the light ineffective... Sunny daylight hours are an excellent example of this. This feature greatly extends the life of the batteries as the light only operates when it can be seen. Increased battery life not only saves you money on batteries, but on the labor required to service the light as well. Another key feature is our 3-Way Switch. This switch allows a single light to serve two purposes. Each of our lights operates in either flashing or steady-burn modes. It only takes a simple turn of the switch to change the personality of our lights. Another cost- saving feature is that our light will accept batteries in any orientation as long as the springs are pointing up. There is no need to wonder if the battery is positioned properly, there will be no more batteries thrown out because it was thought that they were bad, when the real problem was the battery turned in the wrong direction. Compare our light to the competition and you will see that we out-shine them every time. Battery not included.

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