Flight (DVD)

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For thousands of years, humans dreamed of flying -- but it isn't as easy as birds make it look. Students will learn about lift, gravity, thrust and drag -- the forces that are used to get tons of steel off the ground and carry people thousands of miles before landing safely. They will also discover the role atoms and air pressure play in this amazing task as well as in other forms of flight. An interesting hands-on activity is included along with fun, real-life demonstrations to further illustrate these concepts. One of 16 volumes in the Physical Science in Action DVD Series in the Schlessinger Science Library. Part of the Schlessinger Science Library in Action Collection. This title correlates to the National Science Education Standards for Physical Science -- properties and changes in properties of matter, motions and forces and transfer of energy. A Teacher's Guide is included and available online. 23 minutes. Grades 5 to 8.

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