All About Solids, Liquids & Gases (DVD)

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In All About Solids, Liquids and Gases, young students will be introduced to the three common forms of matter. They'll learn that all things are made up of tiny particles called atoms and that the movement of these particles determines the form that matter takes. In solids, the particles are packed tightly together and move very little. The particles in liquids are more spread out and move faster. In a gas, the particles are spread even farther apart and move even faster. Kids will also discover how matter can change from one form into another when energy is added or taken away. The terms melting point, freezing point and boiling point are introduced and clearly explained. Includes many real-life examples and colorful graphics, along with a fun, hands-on activity that demonstrates how different liquids evaporate at different rates. This program is based on the concepts outlined in the National Science Education Standards for Physical Science: properties of objects and materials, position and motion of objects and light, heat, electricity and magnetism. The program is one of 11 volumes in the Physical Science for Children DVD Series in the Schlessinger Science Library. Part of the Schlessinger Science Library for Children Collection. A Teacher's Guide is available online. 23 minutes. Grades K to 4.

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