Model Plus: The Flower

SKU: 14565

$68.95 Each


• Easy to manipulate removable pieces
• Made of resilient, nontoxic EVA foam
• Guides allow students to build and learn at their own pace
• Stimulates problem-solving skills and develops small-motor skills
• Designed for grades 1-8
• Dimensions: 19.5 x 19.5 x 15 in.

This colorful teaching model was designed specifically for hands-on use with students of all ages. The model is made of resilient, non-toxic, EVA foam, the removable pieces stimulate problem-solving skills and develop small motor skills. The detailed Teacher's guide includes complete background information, reproducible worksheets, cross-curricular extension activities, assessment ideas and more. A complete botany course at an unbelievable price! Dimensions: 19.5 x 19.5 x 15 in.

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