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Metal Detector Wands

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Super ScannerSuper Scanner
Super Scanner

This is the world's most acclaimed hand-held detector. For many years now, it has been the hand-held detector of choice by law enforcement officials and security personnel. Ultimate sensitivity not subject to arbitrary adjustment. Order Recharge Kit (SA115P) separately.

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$179 Each $199.95 Each
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Super Scanner Rechargeable Kit
Super Scanner Rechargeable Kit

The Garrett Rechargeable Battery Kit is a great metal detector accessory for your Garret Hand-Held Super Scanner Metal Detector (SA114P). The Recharger Kit allows for recharging the metal detector without the need to remove the battery. This Garrett Recharger Kit provides an additional source of power for an extended use of the metal detector. The Garrett Recharger Kit comes with a cadmium-free Ni-MH battery and a 110 V charger for faster charging.

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$28.50 Each $32.50 Each