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Classroom Liquid Measurement Set (Set of 19)Classroom Liquid Measurement Set (Set of 19)
Classroom Liquid Measurement Set (Set of 19)

• Deluxe set includes everything needed to teach liquid measurement and equivalencies
• Students will recognize, measure and estimate liquid volumes
• Set includes 5 Measuring Jars, 3 Liquid Measurers, 5 Measuring Cups, and 6 Measuring Spoons
• All pieces are clearly marked and made of durable plastic
• Ages 5+

This deluxe set is the perfect sized classroom set for learning measurement equivalents. Students practice customary capacities, liquid measurement and metric conversions with suggested activities included. Made of durable plastic, each piece is clearly marked to provide years of use. Includes teacher's guide. Set includes a liquid measuring cup (8oz/250ml), pint (16oz/500ml), quart (32oz/1000ml), standard spoons, 1 teaspoon,1 tablespoon, standard cups, measuring jars with gill, pint, quart, half-gallon, gallon (metric 100ml-3000ml)

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$26.36 Set $32.95 Set