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Classroom Attractions Magnet Kit - Level 1Classroom Attractions Magnet Kit - Level 1
Classroom Attractions Magnet Kit - Level 1

• 10 Magnet Wands
• 10 Plastic-Encased Button Magnets
• 15 Magnet Rings
• 50 Magnet Marbles
• 1 Alnico Bar Magnet
• 200 Metal-Rimmed Counting Chips
• 100 Paperclips
• 5 Pencils
• 1 Teacher's Guide

Compare and contrast different magnets (by size, shape & strength). Explore attraction & repulsion. Investigate a magnet’s force through solids & liquids. Learn magnetism vocabulary. Each kit contains materials for a work group of five students, plus easy-to-use educational guides. Kit contains 10 magnet wands, 5 button magnets, 50 magnetic marbles, 15 ring magnets,10 disc magnets, 200 magnetic counting chips,100 colorful paperclips, 5 pencils, demo bar magnet, and Teacher's guide. Ages 4-7.

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$76.00 Each
Classroom Attractions Magnet Kit - Level 2Classroom Attractions Magnet Kit - Level 2
Classroom Attractions Magnet Kit - Level 2

• Alnico Bar Magnet (2")
• 5 Ceramic Horseshoe Magnets (1")
• 5 Plastic-encased North/South Bar Magnets
• 5 Plastic-encased Button Magnets
• 5 Plastic-encased Block Magnets
• 15 Ceramic Ring Magnets
• 5 Sets of Polished Steel Shapes
• 5 Magnet Wands
• 5 Compasses
• 5 Pencils
• Teachers Guide
• For ages 6-9
• For workgroup of 5 students

Supplement your science curriculum with comprehensive magnet kits aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards! Investigate motion and stability, matter and its interactions and more. This kit is designed for groups of 5-10 students. Ages 6-9/Grades 1-3. Contains 5 magnetic wands, 15 ring magnets, 5 north/south bar magnets, 5 ceramic block magnets, 5 disc magnets, 5 ceramic horseshoe magnets, 5 compasses, 5 sets of steel shapes, 5 pencils, demo bar magnet and a Teacher's guide. For ages 6-9. For workgroup of 5 students.

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$74.00 Each
Lifting Magnet - 200 lbs.
Lifting Magnet - 200 lbs.

Weighs 2 lbs, lifts 200 lbs due to precision machining. the way magnets lift cars in junk yards! instructions, alligator clip leads and battery holder. Requires 1 "D" cell battery (not included).

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$69.50 Each
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Thames and Kosmos Electricity & MagnetismThames and Kosmos Electricity & Magnetism
Thames and Kosmos Electricity & Magnetism

Conduct more than 60 electrifying experiments with circuits and magnetic contraptions to learn about electricity and magnetism, and how these two fundamental properties are closely related. Children eight and up can safely and easily experiment with electric current and magnetic fields using the colorful snap-together blocks and components in this hands-on kit.

Build series and parallel circuits to light up a light bulb. Experiment with push buttons and on-off switches. Assemble circuits that include a spinning motor, two switches, and up to three light bulbs.

Conduct tests to see which materials are magnetic. Learn about the force of magnetism and magnetic poles. Magnetize a metal. Use iron filings to make invisible magnetic fields visible. Investigate magnetic force and direction with a magnetic pendulum device. Learn how a compass works and about Earth’s magnetic fields. Conduct a series of experiments with a sturdy electromagnet.

Finally, put everything you have learned to good use by constructing a loudspeaker, an electromagnetic relay switch, and a morse code telegraph key.

The components are specially designed to make learning fun and accessible. The electrical blocks fit together with simple plug-and-socket connectors. Because the blocks are brightly colored and have unique shapes, it is easy to follow the assembly diagrams to construct functional devices.

The 64-page, full-color experiment manual guides you through experiments with easy-to-follow diagrams.

Ages: 8+
Experiments: 62
Piece Count: 64
Manual Pages: 64

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