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Levitation SetLevitation Set
Levitation Set

Investigate the mysteries of equilibrium, gravity, and magnetism! Make leaning magnets magically balance without touching, and then build your own magnetic levitating train. Includes 5 shorter experiments and 5 longer projects. Includes a helpful guide with activities aligned with Next Generation Science Standards, trouble-shooting tips, and a glossary. Ideal for science fair projects, STEM programs, maker spaces, classroom labs, or at-home fun. For one child or a small group working together. Ages 10+/Grades 5+. Adult participation suggested.

Earth as a Magnet, Attraction and Repulsion, What Magnets Attract, Temporary Magnetism, and Magnetic Strength.

Magnetic Pendulum, Magnetic Pendulum Spacing, Balance Gravity and Magnetism, Magnetic Oscillations and Energy, and Levitating Train.

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$33.50 Set
Magic Penny Magic KitMagic Penny Magic Kit
Magic Penny Magic Kit

Loved by kids for more than 20 years, this best seller got better! Perform astounding feats of magnetism as you playfully explor magnetic forces, motion, and stability. Integrates geometry and art too discuss shapes, positions, planes, symmetry, and more. Fourth edition includes additional coins plus a whopping 44 activities. Ages 8+/Grades 3+. Set includes: 2 super strong magnets encased in stainless steel, 32 newly-minted British pennies plus a bonus US penny, and an activity booklet packed with magnet facts, penny history, and 44 activities.

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$25.99 Kit
Exploring Magnets Set
Exploring Magnets Set

Odd-shaped magnets make odd-shaped magnetic fields. This kit has seven very powerful neodymium rare earth magnets in seven unusual shapes. When placed near or on top of the included magnetic field viewer containing iron filings, the iron filings line up in amusing patterns. The 2.5" x 3.5" viewer is sealed so the filings won't spill or stick. Shapes included: bar, star, heart, disk, triangle, ball and ring. With 3/4" x 4" keeper and instructions.

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$43.50 Set