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Electric Motor GeneratorElectric Motor Generator
Electric Motor Generator

Explore the wonders of magnets! Amaze yourself with the magic of magnetism when you power a light bulb and build your own motor! For young scientists ages 10+. Assembly normally requires adult participation. Contents: Neodymium & Ceramic Magnets, light emitting diode (LED), plastic plates and tubes, wire, compass, spring, nails, screws, nuts, and bolts, paper clips, sand paper, and activity guide.

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$38.95 Kit
Levitation SetLevitation Set
Levitation Set

Investigate the mysteries of equilibrium, gravity, and magnetism! Make leaning magnets magically balance without touching, and then build your own magnetic levitating train. Includes 5 shorter experiments and 5 longer projects. Includes a helpful guide with activities aligned with Next Generation Science Standards, trouble-shooting tips, and a glossary. Ideal for science fair projects, STEM programs, maker spaces, classroom labs, or at-home fun. For one child or a small group working together. Ages 10+/Grades 5+. Adult participation suggested.

Earth as a Magnet, Attraction and Repulsion, What Magnets Attract, Temporary Magnetism, and Magnetic Strength.

Magnetic Pendulum, Magnetic Pendulum Spacing, Balance Gravity and Magnetism, Magnetic Oscillations and Energy, and Levitating Train.

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$33.50 Set
Electromagnet Science KitElectromagnet Science Kit
Electromagnet Science Kit

Dowling Magnets Electromagnet science kit is ideal for ages 10 - 14 and is used to teach the kids about the magnetic effects. Kit is ideal to build a doorbell and a telegraph system.. - Helps in building a doorbell, telegraph system and even a catapult all using a true electromagnet. - Includes disc, latch and neodymium magnets, compass, straws, wires, sandpaper, switch plates, wood screws, nails, light bulbs, battery holders, iron filings, pre-drilled wood blocks, LED, instruction book. - Electromagnet science kit for grade 5th - 8th helps in building a doorbell, telegraph system and even a catapult all using a true electromagnet.

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$38.95 Kit