Circulatory & Respiratory Systems (DVD)

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In Circulatory & Respiratory Systems, kids will discover how these two vital systems work together to help keep us alive through a process called cellular respiration. A close-up look at the components of our blood -- plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets -- reveals just how critical blood is to our survival. Pumped by the heart through a vast network of vessels, our blood is the ultimate pick-up and delivery system, providing vital nutrients, carrying away harmful waste and fighting against disease and infection. A visit to a hospital blood laboratory is included, as well as an interview with a doctor and a fun, hands-on activity in which students can test their lung capacity. One of ten volumes in the Human Body in Action DVD Series in the Schlessinger Science Library. Part of the Schlessinger Science Library in Action Collection. This title is based on the concepts outlined in the National Science Education Standards for Life Science: structure & function in living systems, reproduction & heredity, regulation & behavior, and diversity & adaptations of organisms. A Teacher's Guide is included and available online. 23 minutes. Grades 5 to 8.

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