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Basic Labware Kit
Basic Labware Kit

Contains all the basic professional borosilicate labware and equipment for conducting science experiments. The kit contains the text, "101 Science Experiments for Everyone" as a source of safe experiments.

Other components include:
1-Rubberized lab apron
1-Beaker - 100ml 
1-Beaker - 250ml 
1-Beaker - 400ml
1-Porcelain evaporating dish
1-250ml Erlenmeyer flask 
1-Thistle tube, plastic
1-Safety goggles
1-50ml Graduated cylinder
1-Filtering paper
12-Medicine droppers
1-Spatula, stainless steel, 22cm length
1-Sponge 1x3-3/8"
3-Rubber stoppers, #6 solid
6-Test tubes 16x150mm
1-Test tube rack
1-Test tube brush
1-Test tube clamp, brass
1-Pair of crucible tongs
Pipestem triangle
1-Burner tripod, cast iron
1-Wire gauze square, 4x4"
1-Crucible, porcelain HF
1-Plastic cylinder 100 ml capacity

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$129.95 Kit
Advance Glassware Kit
Advance Glassware Kit

Complete glassware kit compliments any classroom or chemistry lab. Heat resistant glass.

4 beakers (50 ml, two-250 ml, 600 ml)
4 Erlenmeyer flasks (50 ml, two-250 ml, 500 ml)
6 dropping pipets
6 stirring rods
10 ml and 100 ml graduated cylinders
2 ml pipet
Twelve 16 x 150 mm test tubes
Heat-resistant glass funnel
1 burette w/ stopcock (25ml)
6" dropping pipet
6 Barnes bottles (1 1/2 oz)
3 Barnes droppers
2 Barnes bent droppers
2 French square bottles (8 oz)
2 dropping bottles with pipets
1 condenser with rubber conn.
1 boiling flask (100 ml)
1 mortar and pestle (80mm, 60ml)
1 volumetric pipet (5ml)
1 thistle tube (6 x 300 mm)
1 watch glass (4" dia.),
12 flint tubing (5mm, 12")
12 flint tubing (6mm, 12"), 12 flint tubing (7mm, 12")
1 filtering flask (125ml)
1 flask volumeter stopper (250ml)
1 round bottom boiling flask
1 drying tube one bulb

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