STEM Kit - Electronics

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$260.00 Set


Explore the basic principles behind electronics.

  • Main topics Electrical circuits, resistors, measurement of current and voltage, principle of the electric motor, semiconductors, transistor circuits
  • Includes downloadable teaching and activity material (free download)
  • Components in this set include: XS motor, 2 push-button switches , 2 diodes, 2 transistors,  3 resistors, 2 capacitors, and a holder for 9V battery (battery not included).
  • Ideal accessories Accu Set, PowerSet

Explore the exciting world of electronics with the fischertechnik STEM Electronics set. A total of ten models and 20 experiments teach about the world of electronics in a fun and educational way. Step by step, this building set teaches the basic principles of electronics and deals with a variety of different electronics topics. This building set can be used to construct several exciting models, from simple components to complex ones like alternating flashing lights. Information on the topic, along with fully designed tasks and solutions, are available in our e-Learning area.

Students will be able to build 10 functional models, to learn about and experiment with electrical circuits, AND/OR circuits, principle of the electric motor, series and parallel connection of resistors, pole-changing circuit with diodes, transistor circuits, and a differential amplifier.

All electronic components come pre-mounted on circuit boards for convenient construction of numerous circuits. Set also includes a multimeter for measuring current and voltage.

Includes access to tutorial materials with 20 different experiments.

Materials come packed in sturdy plastic Gratnells storage box with transparent lid.

Total 250 components.

Middle School/High School level.

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