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Squarecade™ 36 Fold-Up Sign - Dry Erase
Squarecade™ 36 Fold-Up Sign - Dry Erase

• All Plastic Sign Frame
• 24in x 24in dry-erase area
• Regressed sign area helps to protect sign faces
• Features “click lock” hinges for a positive interlock in the open position
• Can be internally ballasted with sand
• Stacking lugs facilitate handling by keeping stacked units from sliding and damaging sign faces
• Outside Dimensions: 36”H X 25”W x 3”D
• Weight: 17 lbs.

Customize your sign to say anything! Dry Erase markers sold separately. This collapsible signs is molded hollow to be internally weighted down with sand. Most of the weight is at the bottom where it acts like an anchor. Free funnel is provided with every order to facilitate loading the sand, which is left in permanently. Overall size = 25"W x 36" High. Dry Erase area measures 24" x 24". Ships Small Package.

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Trailblazer XL Vertical Panel SignTrailblazer XL Vertical Panel Sign
Trailblazer XL Vertical Panel Sign

• Message Displayed on Large Sheeted area 8.1” x 36”
• Stackable & durable made from UV stabilized HDPE material
• Easy set up and relocation
• Secures in place with recycled rubber base that slides over the top
• Designed to withstand impact
• Overall dimensions: 44.6"H x 8"D x 15"W
• 7 legend options
• Available with 15, 20 or 30 lb base.

Retail and industrial facilities need portable signage to provide visibility and awareness related to current concerns. These vertical panels are essential for keeping everyone safe and informed. The Trailblazer XL Vertical Signs display their message on a large Sheeted area 8.1” x 36”. They are stackable, durable, and made from UV stabilized HDPE material. They are easy to set up and relocate, and are secured in place with recycled rubber base that slides over the top and rests in place. Comes with a 10 lb., 20 lb., or 30 lb. base. Designed to withstand impact. 7 legend options available. Overall dimensions: 44.6"H x 8"D x 15"W.

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