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Pro-Sect" BullfrogPro-Sect" Bullfrog
Pro-Sect" Bullfrog

An easy way to observe and study a large frog without dissection. The Pro-Sect system displays partially dissected, 4"-5" bullfrogs. The bullfrogs are displayed in a transparent, safe-to-handle, liquid-filled, plastic tray that is moldered and sealed. Some of the internal organs such as the liver, heart, and veins and arteries have been injected with colored latex to identify their circulatory function. A comprehensive study guide provides information to assist the teacher and students. Individual internal organs are identified on a transparent overlay for study or testing purposes.

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$154.00 Each
Osmosis & Diffusion Kit
Osmosis & Diffusion Kit

An introduction to the relationship between solute and solvent which is vital to life for both animal, plant... this kit illustrates how cellular absorption occurs in animal tissue. Kit contains: strips visking membrane, glucose, iodine solution, starch, benedicts A, benedicts B, instructions and background material. Sufficient materials for 16 pairs of students. Grades 9-12.

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Pro-sect Pig
Pro-sect Pig

• An 11"-12" sagittally sectioned fetal pig
• Arteries color-coded in red
• Molded and sealed in a transparent, liquid-filled 12 3/4" x 9" plastic tray
• Comprehensive instructional guide
• Student guide
• Reproducible test sheet.

An 11"-12" sagittally sectioned fetal pig with arteries color-coded in red, molded and sealed in a transparent, safe-to-handle liquid-filled 12 3/4" x 9" plastic tray. A comprehensive instructional guide providing supplementary information for teacher and advanced students, student guide, and reproducible test sheet.

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$154.00 Each