Tip ‘N Roll® Portable Pole2 Sidewalk Sign Holder


Color: Black
Pole Height: 48 inches
$109.95 Each


• No Hassle sidewalk sign
• Tip 'N Roll for easy moving
• Base is 18” diameter x 12” tall
• Pre-drilled holes accommodate signs from 9”x12” to 18”x24”, plus 12”x36”
• Large 3” wheels for easy rolling
• Exclusive ‘EZ GRIP Finial’
• Exclusive ‘Stability Plates” to keep sign panel from twisting on pole.
• New Enhanced PVC pole for greater stiffness and stability
• 4 base color options; Black, Red, Yellow and Blue
• 2 pole height options; 48” and 58”
* Signs not included

The Tip ‘N Roll® Portable Pole2 Sidewalk Sign Holder is the truly portable, no-hassle sidewalk sign that looks great and works hard to get your message seen. The 48″ pole is pre-drilled to accommodate signs from 12″ x 18″ to 24″ x 30″. Tip ‘N Roll® Sidewalk Signs have a compact, low-profile technopolymer base with with built-in wheels that roll easily on most surfaces and make lifting a thing of the past. Has recessed wheels along with an exclusive EZ-GRIP finial, and stability plates to keep the signs from twisting on the pre-drilled poles.18″ diameter base fits easily through any door and holds 30 lbs of sand/water ballast. Bases nest for storage. Designed, Engineered and Made in USA with Recycled materials. Signs not included.

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