Sprout and Grow Window

SKU: 14998

$25.95 Each


Budding botanists can watch plants come alive with the Sprout & Grow Window. Plant and track seed growth as plants sprout in the self-supporting window planter, perfect for the classroom or at home. Includes seed packets, enriched soil, and step-by-step instructions for optimum growth. Features an activity guide and journal to help observe and track plant growth. Let's grow!

- Learn the basics of botany.
- View what happens beneath the soil as plants sprout, develop roots, and grow tall.
- Encourages observation and care-taking skills.
- Promotes hands-on learning and tracking.
- Includes bean and pea seeds, enriched soil, instructions, and growth journal.
- Planter stands on a windowsill or tabletop.
- Perfect for preschools, elementary school classrooms and science projects.

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