Plants & People: A Beneficial Relationship (DVD)

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In Plants & People: A Beneficial Relationship, viewers will develop an appreciation for plant life by learning how plants provide us with the oxygen, food, shelter, clothing and medicine that we need to survive. Discover how the science of agriculture has benefited humanity for thousands of years. Examine the complex relationships that have developed between important plants and the cultures that depend on them by looking at the history of the potato and by traveling to the rainforest to gather information about plants and how they are used. Explore the negative impact of human activities on plant growth, and learn how scientists and farmers are working to sustain a healthy planet by preserving plant diversity. An informative, hands-on investigation into the effects of pollution on plant life is also included. This program is based on the concepts outlined in the National Science Education Standards for Life Science: structure & function in living systems, reproduction & heredity, regulation & behavior, populations & ecosystems, and diversity & adaptations of organisms. A Teacher's Guide is included and available online. Part of the multivolume Plant Life in Action DVD Series in the Schlessinger Science Library. Part of the Schlessinger Science Library in Action Collection. 23 minutes. Grades 5 to 8.

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