Organic Structure Wooden Molecular Model Kit

SKU: 12930

$42.50 Each


Atoms are represented by large 1 1/4" and 1 1/8" colored enameled balls drilled to receive connecting bonds. The bonds are represented by slotted pegs and springs, which make for easy assembly. The kit is designed to demonstrate the nature of compounds and the fundamental concepts of chemical change. Students can visualize the three-dimensional structure of a molecule and see first-hand the significance of the formulas. The materials in this kit can be used to construct many different organic molecules and to illustrate different forms of isomerism, including structural isomers, cis-, trans-isomers, and chiral compounds. For example, propyl and isopropyl alcohol can readily be distinguished, as can ortho, meta, and para substituents on a benzene ring.

Set includes: 10 carbon (black), 28 hydrogen (yellow), 4 chlorine (green), 2 nitrogen (blue), 6 oxygen (red), 2 bromine (orange), 2 iodine (purple), 30 wood pegs (3.2 cm), 10 wood pegs (5 cm), 10 springs (5 cm).

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