MudWatt Classroom Pack

SKU: 17044

$299.99 Pack


The Classroom Pack Includes:
10 MudWatt CORE KITS
10 MudWatt VESSELS
3 MudWatt Digital Clocks
3 MudWatt MAXTRACKERS (Multimeter and Resistor sets)
18 Alligator Clips (for connecting MudWatts together)
MudWatt Explorer App (available on iTunes and Google Play)
Free access to the MudWatt NGSS Teacher's Guide and other Educational Resources

The MudWatt is a fun and educational science kit that uses the natural micro-organisms found within dirt to generate electricity! Want to engage your students in science and engineering in a whole new way -- merging disciplines like microbiology, decomposition, renewable energy, electrical engineering all in one fun and memorable experience? Or just want to have a dirt-power party? Then the Mudwatt is for you! The MudWatt Kits let you track the growth of your electric bacteria colony with the blinker circuit and MudWatt Explorer App AND lets you power a clock and thermometer with your microbes. And MudWatts are reusable! They just need to be cleaned between uses.

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