Golden Field Guide - Birds of North America

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$13.95 Each


Spot the silhouette of a Northern Goshawk in flight. Identify the raucous call of the Red-winged Blackbird. Discover the secret of picking out a Chipping Sparrow from its look-alike cousins. It's simple with this classic field guide, a treasured favorite among amateur bird lovers and exacting professionals. Recognized as the authority on bird identification, this invaluable resource provides:

• All of North America in one volume
• Over 800 species and 600 range maps
• Arthur Singer's famous illustrations featuring male, female, and juvenile plumage
• Sonograms that picture sound for easy song recognition
• Migration routes, feeding habits, and characteristic flight patterns
• American ornithologists' classifications
• Convenient check boxes to record birds you have identified
• Color tabs for quick references

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