Atoms & Molecules (DVD)

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There are more than 20 million known substances in the universe, and they are all made of the same basic ingredients -- atoms and molecules. In this fun and engaging program, kids will learn about the three main subatomic particles -- protons, neutrons and electrons -- as well as the forces that keep atoms and molecules together. They'll discover how atoms bond to one another to form compounds. Ionic bonds are formed when electrons are transferred from one atom to another, while covalent bonds occur when atoms share electrons. Colorful graphics and fun visuals bring these concepts to life and make them easier for kids to understand. Includes a fun, hands-on activity that allows kids to simulate the movement of atoms and molecules in different phases of matter. This program is based on the concepts outlined in the National Science Education Standards for Physical Science: properties and changes in properties of matter, motions and forces and transfer of energy. Part of the Physical Science in Action DVD Series. A teacher's guide is available online. 23 minutes. Grades 5 to 8.

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