100 Atom Wooden Molecular Model Kit

SKU: 12929

$40.50 Each


This is an excellent Student Atomic Molecular Set, to construct and understand three dimensional Molecular Structures in Organic and Inorganic Chemistry Studies. It consists of 100 wooden colored atoms and 85 bonds. Construction and teaching of Triple and Double bonds is with ease due to the flexible nature of the bonds. Atom holes are drilled with precision for good grip and bond angles.

The kit gives you three different types of bonds to choose from:
35 aliphatic bonds (3.8 cm long)
35 C-H bonds (2.5 cm long)
15 aromatic bonds (2.9 cm long, for constructing benzene ring compounds)

The colored balls in the set represent the following atoms:
30 carbon (black)
12 oxygen (red), 5 nitrogen (orange)
30 hydrogen (white)
18 halogens (green)
5 sulfur (yellow)

The balls are 2 cm in diameter and are drilled to accept the springs.

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