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Providing Science Equipment to Schools and Individuals Since 1963
Schoolmasters Science has been providing science equipment to schools & individuals for over 40 years. We offer equipment and supplies for a variety of scientific fields and age groups. Feel free to browse our extensive online catalog and order using our secure shopping cart.

Accessories, Models, Celestial Globes, Solar System Models & Planetariums, Star Charts
Chemicals, Chemistry Kits, Chemistry Models

Earth Science

Archaeology & Dinosaur Kits, Geology, Globes, Rocks & Minerals, Weather
Energy Kits, Fuel Cell Cars/Kits, Internal Combustion Engine Models, Solar Power

General Science
Books, Calculators, Orienteering Overhead Transparencies, Periodic Tables and Charts, DVDs, Science Fair Accessories, Games,, Posters

Life Science

Biology, Botany, DNA Models & Kits, Life Science Models, Physiology
Density, Electronics, Force & Motion, Heat, K'Nex, Light & Color, Magnetism, Kits, Pressure, Liquids & Gases, Robotics, Sound & Waves, Vacuum Equipment

Lab Equipment
Bottles & Containers, Burners & Hot Plates, Distilling and Filtering Kits, Drying Racks, Funnels & Accessories, Glassware, Plasticware, Lab Stands & Accessories, Lab Tools, Magnifiers & Binoculars, Measurement, Microplates, Microscopes, pH Measurement, Porcelain, Rubber Stoppers, Scales, Balances, Stirrers, Centrifuges, Test Strips & Kits, Thermometers, Timers, Trays, Tubing, Watch Glasses

Lab Cabinets & Tables

Lab Safety Equipment
Lab Aprons, Lab Gloves, Misc. Lab Safety Equipment

Big Screen Microscope, Ken-A-Vision Microscopes, Schoolmasters Microscopes, Intel QX5® Computer Microscope, Microprojectors, Video Systems, Microscope Kits, Talking Microscope, Magniscop, Slides & Accessories
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